Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trail Shout Out!

Since I got my new aerobars installed on Saturday, it was time to test them out and get used to them in the next couple of days... Because it is RACE TIME next Saturday with the MTY Sprint Tri!

For test driving and practicing, I didn't want to worry about cars, so I was extremely happy to receive an e-mail on Saturday over the yahoo eRide group, that the Swamp Rabbit Trail is now paved all the way* from Greenville Tech to Traveler's Rest. PERFECT opportunity to try aero position in a safe environment. Besides, the weather was crappy both Sunday and Monday and that meant that there wouldn't be too many people on the trail right? Maybe not... There were a lot of people on the trail**, walking and biking, but I would imagine that it would be even more crowded on a sunny and dry day.

*one itsy bitsy tiny section north of Furman is still gravel, but hopefully that's going to be taken care of soon too
**funny enough, several people I saw on the trail Sunday, I saw on Monday again!

So on Saturday I rode from the house to the Swamp Rabbit access north of Furman (right were the gravel is) and then headed towards Greenville. After cruising into one direction for 40 minutes, I turned around and rode back. I took it easy because this was practicing time and to get comfortable with the aero position. Also, I still felt a little achy from my fall the day before. I saw a lot of people on the trail, but that wasn't a problem since they kept to the right, or moved over when I announced myself. There was one guy on the trail with a moped even though there are signs posted everywhere that motor vehicles are not allowed on the trail... Some people just don't care and think that rules don't apply to them.

Yesterday, I was originally planning to do a nice long ride with a friend of mine and her husband and then came the rain (again). In the afternoon we finally got a little rain brake and I used the time to get another hour on the bike in. This time, I drove the car to the trail access and rode all the way to River Falls Park. I was able to make some tempo on the trails and it felt good to try to go fast while still maintaining aero. In River Falls Park things slowed down dramatically... There is no way to zip through there... too crowded too narrow, but it was just nice to have a look around.

The remainders of the week leading up to the race on Saturday will be very relaxed for me. Short workouts and a lot of sleep is on tap. Sounds good too me... The weather looks crappy anyways!

When I rode over this bridge the day before everything was fine, but the massive rain on Monday washed out this section and created the dip in the trail.

Lots and lots of water in the Reedy River after a weekend of rain. Lots of dirt and debris everywhere. But as long as the water stays in the river bed and nothing gets flooded, I think we are good.

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