Friday, June 25, 2010

Savannah GA Sightseeing

After having gotten my workout and breakfast out of the way, we headed out to Savannah.... And we certainly picked the HOTTEST day to do so... But just like the troopers that we are... We trooped forward to take a break at the first ice cream shop that we found.

Other than that, we did some sightseeing on River Street and also took a boat tour on Savannah River! Here are a couple of pictures from our day:

Bridge leading into Savannah on US-17. Looks similar to the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, but is much steeper!

Get 'R' Done, Terry!

On board of the "Georgia Queen" overlooking River Street.

The old and the new bridge right next to each other.

And after seeing alligator statues and "don't feed" signs earlier that day, we finally saw a live alligator baby!

So long!

PS: Last Sunday was also Terry's and mine 3 year dating anniversary!! Are we still allowed to "celebrate" our dating anniversary now that we are married??

PPS: This is my 200th (!!!) post... Oh wow.... Let's get cracking on the next 200 then! ;-)

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  1. I wish I had known you were visiting my lovely city, I would have given you a tour!