Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Disturbe A Perfectly Good Sleeping Pattern?

OR Long Slow Run on Hilton Head Island!

I am so used to getting up at 6am or sometimes even earlier, so even on the weekends or on vacation I rarely sleep longer than 7am even if I don't have to get up. Since my party girl days are long gone by now, it's not like I ever get in bed at 3am anymore. So getting up early isn't that much of a problem and on top of it, you can do so much more stuff when you are out there early.

So since I was up anyways, why don't use those super cool pathways that are all over Hilton Head Island for my long run? If you think I was the only nut out there at 7.15 on a Sunday morning you are sadly mistaken. It was amazing how many people were already out and about.

I got on the path right in front of our hotel and was running towards the beach. It wasn't that far, but I am currently doing heart rate zone 2 runs and that means my pace tops out at a 12.5 minute/ mile. This way a trip to the beach and back should pretty much be my 1:40 hours long run. At least I had plenty of time to do sightseeing once again.

I did a quick stop and look around at this park only to turn around and see

the "don't feed the alligators" sign next! ;-)

My turn around point was Coligny Beach and even though it was still early the beach with already bustling with people. Amazing.... and so much fun!

The beach access at Coligny Beach is totally pimped out. There are showers and dressing rooms, restrooms, swings, benches, foot fountains and WiFi! Seriously.... They want to keep their tourists happy.

Oh yes, even that early in the morning it already was HOT and HUMID!!

I was back in the hotel by 9am, grabbed a shower and then we headed out for some real breakfast, because the hotel breakfast wasn't that great. Right after breakfast we drove over to Savannah GA for some sightseeing.... Coming up in the next post! ;-)

So long!

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