Monday, May 31, 2010

Musical Monday

So last Friday on my way from work*, I once again got stuck with commercials on every radio station that I have programmed. So I popped in one of the CDs that I have in the car. While I still was in the process of choosing a CD, I noticed that I had the same old CDs in the car for a VERY LONG time.

*including a stopover at the KIA dealer, turns out that my fan motor is jammed.... which is costly** and a lot of fun at 90 degrees outside...
**yes, KIA has the 100K miles powertrain warranty, the warranty for electronic parts is "only" 60K and I am at 61,550 thankyouverymuch

You see, I used to be a complete music snob.... But boy, I sure have digressed. But right then and there, I decided that it goes out with the old and in with the new... All the car CDs will be swapped out.

This is the stuff that I took out of the car:
Yep.... If you want to be nice, you can call this little collection diverse... Or you can just might as well call it schizophrenic.

In with the new, just as "diverse" and kind a blast of the past for me:


I hope you are off today for Memorial Day and can spent your day with family and friends.

So far, all I have seen today is rain, rain and more rain... I guess that means, I will get on my trainer today instead of riding outside.... BUMMER!!

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