Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Sunday Recap

Looks like I needed another little break from blogging after having reached the 200th post milestone last week! ;-)

Oh boy.... Yesterday was a LOOONG day. But good stuff... Fun stuff.

I started out super early for a Sunday and was up and getting ready to run at around 6AM. I set the alarm for 6.30, but I was WIDE awake by 6 so I could just as well get up.

The plan called for a 1h 20m Zone 2 run with 25 minutes at 10K race pace sprinkled in. I was on the Swamp Rabbit Trail at 6.45AM ready to roll and I was not alone. Several runners, walkers and bikers were out there already, trying to beat the heat... But honestly.... You can't beat the heat right now and especially not the humidity.

This is me at my turnaround point in Travelers Rest... That's even before I did the 10K pace portion and I am already SOAKED!

Also, while passing the "Cafe at Williams Hardware", I noticed a sign saying that you can use the place's restrooms and you can fill up your water bottle there. That is always welcome. The place is really nice, they have a screened in porch and good food... Something to keep in mind for your next trail adventure! ;-)

 No... this is not a special effect.... It's FOG!

The run itself was alright. I was happy with my race pace effort, but my Z2 run was super slow. My heart rate sky rocketed right off the bat and I was moving very slowly in order to stay in the prescribed heart rate zone. Don't know what is going on there, maybe the metric century (race ride report to follow hopefully tomorrow) from Saturday played a role in that.

After the run, I did a little bit of stretching and then headed home and grabbed a shower and then headed out the door again to meet up with some friends to watch the Germany vs England game at the Bavarian Pretzel Factory. Since I haven't had anything to eat up to that point, I was starving and gobbled down their cheese spread with two pretzels..... YUMMIE... That was good.

And then of course there was the game....  A THRILLER! Two goals for Germany, then a goal for England... Then another goal for England that hasn't been given.... Taking a couple of deep breaths over the half time break and then two more goals for Germany in the second half... Final score 4:1 for Germany! YAY! The place was packed with mostly Germans and some England fans... WHAT A MORNING!!!

Germany is now in the quarter finals playing Argentina this Saturday. Plans to watch it are already in place! ;-)

After that the day mellowed out a little... Skyping with mom and dad, watching Argentina vs Mexico, a little bit of shopping and a little bit of cooking/ house keeping and the weekend was over again. SIGH!

So long! ;-)

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