Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phone Home

This post has nothing to do with E.T... We only share the wish to "phone home" every now and then! ;-)

I am sure, that I am not alone when I try to remember how we used to handle life before cell phones... Simple stuff, like meeting up in a crowded place none of you has been before. What? You want to tell me that you never had a conversation going like this:

A: Where are you?
B: We are next to the giant M&M! Right before you enter the expo!
A: Giant M&M? What giant M&M? I am standing right in front of the expo entry!
B: The giant GREEN M&M next to the restrooms!
A: Oh you mean the blow-up vegetable? Alright, I see you!

This conversion (or something similar) took place during the Myrtle Beach Expo when everyone tried to find Coach Katie to pick up the team t-shirts.

But I also spend some of my earlier years without cell phones and it worked... Just picture this:

Three of my friends and I loaded up a VW Bulli to head out to Cologne for the Bizzare Festival. If my memory serves me right, it was in the summer of 1997... Oh, the days... Cologne is like a four hour drive from home and half way there in the middle of nowhere the Bulli decided to call it a day. It was a Friday morning of a festival that starts in the early afternoon. Thanks Bulli! So here we are in the middle of nowhere with no transportation. After a little back and forth discussion, we decided that the girls press on by finding people to give them a lift and the guy of the group tries to get back home to find alternative transportation. In order for us to find each other again once we are at the festival site, we said to be at the ticket booths every full hour! Fascinating method right?? But it worked... It worked that the girls and I found our way to the festival with the help of some strangers and our guy got back home with a train and then came to Cologne and we reunited as planned!

With all this being said, I don't want to go back to the "pre cell phone" and "pre high speed internet" ages because:
  • my parents have a computer now and an internet connection (welcome to the year 2010!)
  • we skyped for the first time last Sunday.... it took us a little while to get the connection going, but once we were done, it was GOOD TO SEE them
  • hopefully, the process of connecting is going to be smoother next week! ;-)
  • over skype, I was also able to show them some of the wedding pictures, which reminds me that I have to make copies for them and sent it OR
  • I can set up a Facebook account for them and they can just browse through my albums there, but that might be a little too much too soon, I think they have to ease into this new world!
  • my cell phone makes it possible that I can talk to them every Sunday even if I am not at home... that makes it so much easier to stay in touch
So long! ;-)

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