Monday, June 21, 2010

Kayaking in the Calibogue Sound

We are just getting back from our little* honeymoon on Hilton Head Island SC!

*It's the little honeymoon, because our "real" honeymoon fell through due to my current travel restrictions... It's just postponed! We'll going to do it, once all the paperwork is sorted out!

When we got to the island on Friday our first stop was GoTri Sports in order to figure out where the good road cycling is to be found. We good some great advice in general and were also pointed to the Kicking Asphalt Bicycle Club website for cue sheets etc. Awesome! So we knew were to go for our ride planned for Saturday morning (will be in the next post, I will milk last weekend for the next couple of days for blog posts! ;-) and we also got a great tri jersey for Terry* for a steal... double YAY!

*This way, he doesn't have to race topless anymore! ;-)

After checking in at the hotel and relax some, we headed out for dinner and then drove out to Habour Town for a guided kayak tour in the Calibogue Sound. It was a 1.5 hour tour around the sound to see some sea life... mostly dolphins... it's not like they don't have sharks, but we "only" saw dolphins and several of them. Big ones and smaller ones, some were hunting and others just playing around. It was fun and impressive to see these animals so close up.

It was my very first time in a kayak and I had a blast! I found a rhythm right away and paddled away. I am glad we picked the 7PM tour because it was still pretty hot out there when we started, but by the end of the tour the temps were really nice. The paddling gives you a good upper body workout... I was pretty sore the next day between my shoulder blades!

We were talking about getting kayaks* for a while and now that I finally tried it out, I think we might start looking more seriously.

*Since we are already looking like a sporting goods store when we go on the road, a couple of kayaks won't make a difference anymore! ;-)

After the tour, we hung out a little more in Habour Town and had a drink. Well, I had a drink and Terry was the designated driver. It was really pretty out there and several restaurants had live music. All of it with a nice back drop of pretty yachts and people to look at!

Here are some pictures of our little adventure for your viewing pleasure.

Kayaks still on the shore.

The group on the way back in, pulled by the current.

Arrrrghhhhhh! ;-)

We are the total pros! Kayaking and photography at the same time! ;-)

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