Saturday, May 29, 2010

There Is A First Time For Everything....

Actually, there were two first times today and it's just a little after 4PM! ;-)

I completed the 15K trail run in an inofficial time of 1h 52m 55s and am very happy with that. Actually, there is no picture of me crossing the finish line, because hubby didn't expect me to be there already. The first first though was that I planted my butt on the trail and now have some nice scratches down my leg.

The full download about the race will hopefully follow tomorrow!

The second first today was having aerobars on the bike. I ordered them last week and got them installed today. I haven't properly tried them out yet and originally wanted to do a quick spin, but due to the leg and the scratches, that'll have to wait until tomorrow.... I shall report back about my first impressions! ;-)

And how is your weekend going? Do you enjoy the pretty weather? I hope you have pretty weather in your neck of the woods as well.

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