Friday, May 14, 2010

My Kind Of Swimsuit Issue

Yesterday, the Swimsuit Issue of the Triathlete Magazine was in the mail. That's the kind of swimsuit issue that I actually enjoy leafing through and that can get me in real trouble, because I basically want to have every second piece they show. Unlike other magazine's swimsuit issues, this stuff I can actually relate too...

Here are some behind the scene shots... Of course they don't make the real pics available online otherwise they wouldn't sell any magazines right? But you can see the gear anyways.... I especially like those (Terry? Are you reading?):

Also seen in in this issue is an ad by Fi'zi:k and people have all kinds of opinions about this number. I guess I just don't get it...

Let's see... Tons of super fit world class triathletes in all kinds of awkward poses... With tons of tan lines in swimsuits and the statement "committed" and all of this in an ad for a saddle company? Possible translation: "Our athletes are so committed to ride their bikes with our saddles that they don't care how funny their bike jersey tan lines look in swimwear and really, they couldn't care less about swimwear anyways as bored as they look." Hint to the PR company: You might want to rethink your concept here. If it takes too long to figure out your ad, it might not work.

Have a great weekend and don't be surprised to see me out and about swimsuit shopping! ;-)

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