Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits Vol. 8

  •  The other day, a Cadillac XLR passed me on the highway. Not sure of the model year, but maybe around 2007? Anyways, this car looks from the outside, like designer would have invisioned the 2000's to look like back in the 1980's.
  •  Terry official threw down the gauntlet for the Middle Tyger YMCA Sprint Tri. He wants to beat me... And to be fair, his chances are pretty good for it. The deciding factor of the race between the two of us is going to be transitions and the bike leg... I have a hard time gauging his and my bike fitness this year vs last year.
  • Update on my To-Do-List (like it's not already long enough): Ride the bike leg of the MTY Tri in order to compensate (possible) gaps in fitness with course knowledge. Yeah... I am sneaky like that.
  • Once again, I am slacking in the nutrition department... I think that was also part of the problem of Saturday's run and Sunday's ride. It's not like I am not taking enough calories in (I know I don't have a problem on that end), but it certainly is not enough good quality calories and I also think that my timing is off for fueling.
  • After redoing our honeymoon plans over and over, I think we finally getting somewhere.... Not where we originally wanted to go, but it's going to be a getaway that is desperately needed. Once the whole process described yesterday is over, there will be a "real" honeymoon, but we NEED to get out for a little while in the meantime.
  • We have a hole in the deck right now... Yeah... It's another one of our remodeling projects... Sorry no picture right now.
  • Highlights of tonight's run: THE GOOD: going on a little discovery tour of the new section of the Swamp Rabbit trail and have a good run in general. THE BAD: the guy on the unicycle telling me to "pick it up" during a rest interval.... seriously? THE UGLY: waiting to cross a road and saw a guy throwing trash out of a truck, I just looked at him and shook my head, while the truck passed me, he leaned out and blew a kiss at me... I was sooooo close to flick him off and then thought better of it... you never know what they would do next.
  • The orange guy at Biggest Loser just finished a marathon in 4h 2mins. What an accomplishment. On the other hand, I am always surprised that those BL people, don't give their contestants a proper training plan, if they want them to run a marathon. One guy just passed the 13 mile marker and said that it's further than he ever ran.... That is crazy!

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