Friday, May 21, 2010

This Is NOT A Food Blog

Back when I decided to start a blog, I sat in front of my computer screen for a long long time, trying to come up with something smart as my blog name... Everything that I liked, kinda seemed to already be out there or it was too specific to describe the content that I was planning on "broadcasting" on this channel.

So I fell back to describe the most basic situation that I am in... A German in SC... This is not all that I am, but it certainly explains a several of my posts. But I didn't want to spell it out like this and so I decided on the apple strudel to represent the German side of things and the peach cobbler to describe the SC side. I thought that was smart and I let you be the judge of that... You maybe never thought twice of the title, but now you know.

Back then, I was completely unaware of the food blog world... Since the name of the blog already has this kind of food blog vibe to it, I recently toyed around with the idea to make my food consumption part of my regular posts.... After a little consideration I scratched it, because:

  1. BORING:  I am not saying that food blogs are boring. Au contraire! I actually read several food blogs on a regular basis and really enjoy them. But following my eating habits would certainly be boring to all of us. I am a creature of extreme habit when it comes to my eating... If you were to compare my food intake from week to week, there wouldn't be much of a difference.
  2. PRESENTATION? WHAT'S THAT? Yeah... I am a pig... I can eat out of takeout box any day of the week... Why get one of the pretty dishes dirty hmmmm? Even though most people operate this way, it's not going to fly on a food blog. Which brings me to...
  3. THE PICTURES: In order to document, most blogs use pictures of the food. First of all... You don't want to see what eat (see point 2.) and I am just way too lazy anyways. Last night, I thought of taking a picture of the beer and the hot dog that I had at the ball game to make it part of this post, but I just couldn't get myself to take out the camera before digging in.
  4. DON'T COOK: That's another sad fact of my life: I hardly ever cook. Well, to explain myself here a little.. I also hardly ever eat at home during the week other than breakfast. I have my biggest meal at lunch (most of the time at one of the places around work) and if anything at all, I just snack on fruit or something similar when I get home at night.
There would be a big advantage though: If I feel like somebody is watching what I feed myself, I think I would be more mindful about my choices. It's not about weight loss for me at the moment, but it certainly is all about making (another) effort to clean up my nutrition. Last weekend, I had two longer workouts that both didn't go as planned and I think a big part of that was missing energy. When it comes to food, you can be dead on your calorie needs, but how you feel is mostly determined by the quality of the calories that you are consuming... It's all about "crap in, crap out"... If you feed yourself with crap, that's exactly how you are going to feel during the workout.

Speaking of workouts... With all the "hotel-charges-for-canceled-rooms" and other drama going on this week, I didn't write much about the workouts that I was able to squeeze in and it has been a fairly good week for me... I'll spare you the exact stats, but this is basically how it looked:

good fast bike ride on rolling hills

good interval run on the new section of the Swamp Rabbit Trail

tough spin class followed by short brick run, legs felt good off the bike

longest continuous swim in a year or so, 3,500 yards at a moderate pace

REST DAY... Well, I wanted to hit the weight room over lunch, but due to my little "adjustment of status" stuff going on, I had some errands to run...

Outlook for the weekend
There will be trail running (with new vest and hopefully the complete course this time around), a BBQ with friends, a bike ride and some volunteering at the package pick-up for the Assault Of Mount Mitchell.

Have a good one!

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