Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thunks: Hope It Gives You.... Ideas?

In an ongoing effort to present in this blog not only workout related posts, but also general life and informative "going on these days" posts, I am joining in for "Thursday Thunks" this week.

In the light of living the married life for a couple of weeks now, a lot of my answers to these questions have a "married life review" spin to them. Oh... And since people like to see wedding pictures, I was also able to include some more of them too! ;-)

1. Tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself?
It's finally Friday. I can't wait to get out of work to meet up with hubby for dinner. During the week, things sometimes get a little crazy and with everyone's schedule filled to the brim, we sometimes chase each other like the sun and the moon. But Friday (the latest) marks the day of regrouping and catching up. Looking forward to it.

2. Where's your picket fence?
Currently it's in Greenville and I really LOVE the area that we are living in... At the foot of Paris Mountain, close to Furman, close to downtown, BUT far far away from work for me. We want to sell the current house and move to somewhere, where it makes more sense for BOTH of our jobs. But there is still some stuff to get done in the current house before it goes on the market... Remember that big hole in the deck?

3. With a big smile on your face, you do what?
I want to think of myself as someone that smiles a lot. Most recently the day that I maybe smiled the most in my life so far, was my wedding day... Even though there was a little breakdown involved in that day as well! ;-)

4. If I was to walk up to you, you'd do what?
I am normally the smile, say "hi" and (maybe) shake hands kinda gal. But there was a day in my recent past, where I ended up hugging A LOT of people! ;-)

5. The list goes on and on. What list?
The TO DO LIST of course keeps piling up! After having lists and lists of stuff to do before the wedding, I thought that I will get a little breather now.... Well, I underestimated the time it takes to take care of the "thank-you" notes, but I am almost done. Then the whole "adjustment of status for permanent residency" process started and took a lot of my attention in the last couple of weeks, but I am happy to announce that as of today, the paperwork is in the mail and hopefully we didn't screw up filling everything out and collecting the supporting documentation. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

6. Does every rose have a thorn or does every thorn have a rose?
BOTH. Most good things have a bad/ not so good side and most bad things have a positive side/ aspect.... It doesn't matter what you are looking at as long as you focus on the "rose side" of things! ;-)

7. Talk dirty to me. What kind of mop/vacuum/dust thingymabob do you use?
My choice of floor cleaning utensil is a vacuum and a pad-thingy for mopping the floor... My husband choice (and I am soooo happy that we split this chore) is a broom and a soggy wet mop... YIKES... I think my methods are superior, but not having to clean the floors all the time is EVEN BETTER! 

8. Your Mamma don't _______ and your Daddy don't _______.
speak much English; speak English.... That was quite a challenge for us during their trip for our wedding. As much as I love having my family around, it just gets very difficult at times with the communication barrier between them and my husband. Basically, it's all about me sucking it up and translate more and also to become a better teacher to my husband. We known each other for over three years now (started dating close to three years ago) and so far, he picked up most of his German over the Rosetta Stone program and not because of me teaching... That's a very sad testament of my teaching skills. Add that to #5!

9. Ever had a suitcase packed by your feet, and if so where were you going?
 I feel lucky to say that I traveled around quite a bit in my 30 plus years of existence. But of course, the one thing that you can't get you want the most... I want to have the honeymoon that we planned, but until my "adjustment of status" stuff isn't processed and approved, I have to stay put. In the meantime, I am happy to say that we booked a hotel on Hilton Head Island for a long weekend sometime in June to get a mental break for the both of us. I am looking forward to not only pack the suitcase, but also the bikes and discover the island on two wheels!

10. Have you ever ridden in a limousine?
Nope, not even on our wedding day... We are cheap like that! ;-)

11. I went to bed too soon and got up to ____?
workout three mornings this week. Oh well... I had to sneak in a workout reference at one point right?? ;-)

12. "And this last mile I travel with you ", to where?
To the finish line of the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte NC. I think, I never mentioned what the circumstances of the proposal to me were. Well, this is as good a time as any! ;-) You remember the post about Terry's first marathon last year? Make a long story short, Terry had horrible cramps and we ended up walking the last ten miles of his marathon together. That night back at home, wrapped in ice packs and compression socks he proposed to me... saying that "if someone walks 10 miles with you, just so that you don't have to walk the 10 miles alone, she's a keeper" and " I don't think we are going to forget this day any time soon."... Actually, we do have the race t-shirt with the date one it! So there you have it... Oh boy, that made me well up a little!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you and your husband are the sweetest couple ever! Such beautiful wedding pictures, too! And, I think he's right, anyone who cares enough to walk ten miles with someone HAS to be a keeper! Congratulations to your new life and I hope it's all you wish it to be!

    Have a wonderful weekend!