Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trying To Find The Perfect Loop

Today is the official day to commemorate the "100 Miles Of Nowhere". As I stated previously, I am in no shape to try to attempt ONE HUNDRED MILES in one day, so I changed the goal to make it a week long event for me.

So far I have logged 43.3 miles this week:
  • Tuesday, I did a hilly 13.3 loop over Paris Mountain
  • Wednesday, I pushed through 20 (quite painful) miles on the trainer
  • Thursday, I put another 10 miles in on the trainer, because lightning made it impossible to get into the pool which I would have much preferred with the butt pain (see Wednesday) that is going on these days
That would mean, that I have to do 56.7 today to complete my goal of 100 miles for the week. And I pulled a 50-miler out of thin air a couple of weeks months ago, so it's not impossible.

So now, I just have to figure out, where to do this! Of course I could do the loop, that I did for my last long ride, but I will be on my own and considering how many encounters with crazy people we had, I don't care to face this on my own.

Here are the options that I am thinking about right now:

Maybe the easiest loop would be the short 2.2 mile loop around the house with 161 feet of climbing.

Next possibility would be a 3.8 mile loop around Furman with 138 feet of climbing. I think I like this one a little better, because of the elevation profile... I am simple like this.

Or the last option that I am looking at right now is the Green Valley Loop.

The loop itself is 11.3 miles and it's 5 miles from the house. Over this distance, it has 256 feet of climbing, that is much less considering the distance.... This is my favorite right now, because the scenery wouldn't be as repetitive since I will pass the same spots around 4 times and not 25 times like I would with the shorter loops.

I guess, I will decide what I am doing at the drop of a hat, so you have to check back to see what loop I chose to do! ;-)

So long!

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