Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits: Late Weekend Recap Edition

  • We had a wonderful time BBQ'ing at the house on Saturday. The house was filled up with old and new friends and the food was soooo yummie...and plenty.... I think we'll eat leftovers for the rest of the week and that even after I already sent people home with the leftover of the food that they brought.
  • It was quite an international assembly that we had going on in our dinning/living room: American, German, Brazilian, Puerto-Rican, Czech and English... Several different languages flying around at times, always depending on who was talking to who at the moment... Of course it was English as soon as the whole table joined into one conversation! ;-)
  • My bike ride Sunday did not happen due to several factors: I was SO SORE from Saturday (trail run) and honestly I have no idea why. On top of that, I had a couple of beers during the BBQ and that left me cranky and dehydrated the next day... I just didn't feel like myself at all. That's exactly the reason, why I hardly touch alcohol... It's just not worth feeling crappy the next day and it sure doesn't take much to make me feel crappy. On top of sore and cranky, I also didn't sleep much and just called it at day when it came to my cycling.
  • Later on Sunday, I still got a workout in.... just a different kind of workout. 5 hours at the package-pickup for the Assaults on Mt Mitchell/Marion sure has to count for something! ;-) It was rough and I got home late, but those couple of hours is nothing compared to what time and effort a lot of other people (race director and Freewheeler members etc) poured into this event, so I am not going to complain. Some people even volunteered on Sunday and then did the ride on Monday!!! 
  • Also, it was a lot of fun to talk to the cyclists and to see the hustle and bustle and the excitement.
  • Actually, it made me want to do this ride next year! I know, I have been talking about doing this race since I started cycling, but never committed to it.... I might have to put it on the calendar for next year early, because a 100-miler up to the highest point east of the Mississippi needs a little more preparation than the events that I normally do around this time of the year!
  • One highlight of the package-pickup... I met a fellow blogger who did the race yesterday and I can't wait to see his race report! He left a comment on yesterday's post and said he made it all the way to the top! CONGRATS! That is AWESOME!!!
  • Then last night, I wanted to do the bike ride that was originally planned for Sunday... I was set on two loops of the MTY tri course. First my Garmin died (again - I need a replacement batteries, but things seem not that easy), then I ran out of sunscreen and then, instead of pumping up my tire, I let out all the air in my front tire and was not able to pump it back up to save my life... Nope, the tire itself is still intact, it's just my poor pump handling skills that sometimes get the best of me. Anyways, I ended up doing the spin class at the Y instead... Was a good workout!
  • On many other fronts (housework, paperwork) the stuff keeps on piling up and I start thinking about taking a random Friday or Monday off to catch up. Then again, there is a holiday next Monday... That might just do the trick or maybe it's going to be tomorrow afternoon.... We'll see. 

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