Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toothless Tiger

This is not a toothless tiger (kinda cute, but not toothless):

But this one is:

And this is also a follow-up on the status of my claim about the Sleep Inn Charleston, that I filed two weeks ago. Well... The claim is closed....

Now I know why the complaint person on the ChoiceHotel hotline wasn't bothered at all by my statement that I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Looks like the BBB is pretty much a toothless tiger... Roaring like crazy, but not able to really do anything. Working with the BBB is entirely up to the gusto of the business. The business responded to my claim that I don't have a point and even though I submitted more information, the business is not even asked to respond a second time to my statement why I wouldn't accept their solution. In their closing statement, the BBB said that they are going to include this claim into their yearly report about this business.... Oh, I am sure they are scared now.

I am just thankful, that the credit card company didn't operate the same way and took the charges off... I still don't think it's right, but I am running out of options here.

So long!

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