Friday, May 7, 2010

Walk To The Beach: Final Stats

Who else is happy that it's FRIDAY?? ;-)

I am very late to post the "Walk to the Beach" stats from last week. But we made it. Team "Dead Possum Posse" is in Myrtle Beach (virtually) laying on the beach. That means as a team of four, we logged over 1,000 miles in the last six weeks!

Here are my numbers from last week and you can also see my totals from the weeks before.

In general, I am happy with the amount of miles, that I was able to contribute to this challenge. I guess, I expected a little more from my last week, but it was one of the better weeks, so I shouldn't worry about it too much.

Since some of my mileage were accumulated on the bike, I didn't feel like it was properly counted for. On a one hour bike ride (around 15 miles) for example, the pedometer counted maybe 1.5 to 2 miles. If I had walked for an hour, I most likely had more than 2 miles on my pedometer. But the calorie burned for a one hour bike ride is properly triple as high than walking for an hour.

I really like the idea of putting up a challenge like this, but I don't think that this particular concept worked too well. Maybe next time, people have to clock the time of continuous activity or something like that.

I am still frustrated about the fact, that so many teams have submitted ridiculous amounts of miles per week. This week, they didn't even sent out the results anymore, I am guessing it's because so many people have been complaining. Now all that is left for us (the possums) to do, is sit and wait for the drawing and hope that we'll get lucky. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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