Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun Run in the Sun.... ummmm.... Rain....

This was much better... Eating properly the night before and in the morning sure helped along with the the cooler temps and less humidity.

So this is the loop we ran, which is the race course for next week. It totaled 8.85 miles and the remainder of the race distance will be the road from the state park gate to the trail head where we started.

This is the elevation chart for this version.... Two hills for the price of one. Good thing is, that the really rough portion is out of the way early! ;-)

Right after we finished our run, this group of geese crossed the trail right behind us.

Back at the parking lot. Ready to stretch and really happy with my new Nathan race vest..... Super comfy and no chafing going on at all... I might just have to customize (cut off) the drink tube.

Well and now I have to get the house ready for the BBQ.

So long! ;-)


  1. Actually, the race course starts at the #1 picnic shelter and the first 3/10 mile is on the road so as to give the field a chance to break up some.

  2. That makes sense... The 11K starts at the shelter too... Thanks for the correction! :-)