Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Stats

You can also call it a filler post. Too much stuff going on, to really sit down and actually write real blog post with substance (who am I kidding).

At least I got my swim in this morning. It was a slow (60% effort) and long (3,000 yards) workout that was fairly enjoyable. The only problem with slow efforts is that I never really warmed up.... Well until I said: "Screw that! I am swimming the 200's as fast as I can!" ;-) Warm and fuzzy right away.

Okay... Here are the stats for March and I am happy to say that I did some sort of exercise every day in March and if it was just walking the doggy.

And here are the stats year to date 2010 for the tri sports.

(click to enlarge... to actually be able and read it)

I am happy so far with the training of the year and only wish I would run at least 50 miles every month.

Tomorrow my parents plus brother are flying in. Fortunately, they won't be at the house before 7PM (most likely) which gives me a complete day (the company is closed for Good Friday! YAY) to get the house cleaned up and do the remaining organizing... Also, I would really really like to get a 10 mile run squeezed in too. We'll see what is going to happen!

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