Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dress Rehearsal For Relay: Day One

How do you prepare for a 200 mile relay when you have to run around 16 miles out of that 200? Well you gotta run, that's for sure, but a relay has a separate set of challenges than running 16 miles at once. Those challenges is to run on little sleep and run while you spend the rest of the day on your feet as well in order to cheer on the other team mates and to in general enjoy the whole experience. Of course, sooner or later you also have to eat something in between your runs, because running without fuel over a 30 hour period is just not going to fly... Having stomach trouble on your run is not going to fly as well, so you have to find stuff to eat that is not going to mess up your next run. In the spirit of this, I set out on my first run this morning on three Oreo cookies! Yes, I know.... It doesn't seem to be an obvious choice, but I did the BRR basically on M&M's and Tums and I have to broaden my horizon here.... Just kidding.... I don't know what I was thinking, but it worked! I had a great first run this morning!

9:12AM: 6.85 miles in 1:02:46 hours (9:10 pace - YAY)

I headed out for an out and back course on my trusty Swamp Rabbit Trail. No need to practice hills, the relay is in the Low Country. The direction I run the trail, I have a gradual incline on my first half and a gradual decline on my way back in - perfect.

Here is a pre run shot. Notice the beautiful weather and the stray strand of hair! ;-)

I first headed out a 1 mile out and back section to the south end of the Furman portion of the trail and am happy to report that the construction work to connect the Greenville and the Furman portion have started! YAY! Can't wait!

For the last year the trail was blocked of by this white barrier. The barrier was pushed aside today and they had equipment there and people working!

I did a quick stop to take a picture of Paris Mountain... Over the last week, green has made it's way back into nature big time! Perfect foliage for wedding pictures! ;-)

And after the run, I gave my legs and hips a nice stretch. Yesterday, I did some strength work over lunch and I am sure sore today.

I was moving around all afternoon, running errands and doing some cleaning. For lunch I had a grilled chicken sandwich straight from a fast food joint, because that is most likely what we are going to get while we are on the road. I made sure to drink TONS of water.... As I said.... It's all about practice what is going to work and what is not going to work. ;-)

4:40PM: 7.20 miles in 1:12:58 hours (10:08 pace - MEH)

And for the second time today, I was heading out to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It has warmed up, so I opted for shorts, but of course still a long sleeve.... Tan lines - remember? ;-)

I headed out from the train trolley northbound all the way to Sunrift and turned left towards the Travelers Rest YMCA a little while before I turned around. After my turnaround, I noticed this beautiful blooming tree and just had to snap a picture.

Well, after the turnaround, the trouble started. I wasn't fast before, but half way through my run I started feeling a little queasy and got side stitches (on both sides!). At the gas station I bought myself more water (since I didn't have enough with me) and took a pit stop, but still didn't feel good afterward. Also, my legs started to really get heavy. Anyway, I made it back to the car and did another good stretch.

When I got home, my soon to be husband already cooked dinner! You gotta love him!!

And now excuse me, I have to do some serious foam rolling and get tons of shut eye tonight. I know that it would be more realistic to not sleep at all tonight and then run tomorrow, but I won't take the rehearsal that far! ;-)

So long!

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