Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Tale Of Two.... Updates


There have been more changes to the course of the Palmetto200 relay. I guess, if you never think about it, you can just not appreciate the amount of work the race directors have to put into a race that covers such a distance (I am not saying that organizing a shorter race is no work). The new changes have been made necessary due to construction on one of the roads. On top of changes in the course, we once again scrambled around the legs between the runners in van #1 and now I am runner #2. That means in total, I have to run a mile less than before and the split between the legs are: 6, 6.4 and 3.9 miles... So that's my new game plan for my race dress rehearsal over the weekend. Here is some more detail in case you need to look for me on Apr 30th or May 1st 2010:

New Hair

I was sooooo overdue for a hair cut. Finally, I got it done today. For whatever reason, I never look forward going to the appointment, but I always feel better and beautified once I am done.

I made a picture, but for whatever reason, I can't upload it.... Oh well... I guess you have to take my word for it.

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