Sunday, April 4, 2010

No Problems Are Too Specific....

.... for Google.

I am sitting here on my computer, eating pineapple (yammie) and waiting on my soon to be husband to get home, so we can get a nice bike ride in and I am in a predicament.

You see.... I am planning on wearing a strapless wedding gown and it's HOT outside and SUNNY SUNNY and MORE SUN. I already have a tan line from two weeks ago half way down my arm because I forgot to put sunscreen on. Today, I don't think that any amount of sun screen can prevent me tanning at least a little. My predicament is: I REALLY REALLY want to ride my bicycle and I REALLY REALLY would like to look cute in my strapless wedding gown without weird stripey pattern on my arms, shoulders and my back. Well and I don't own a strapless cycling top.... I kinda doubt they produce that sort of thing.

My first instinct to resolve this problem was to Google it and there actually have been several bike forum entries about this topic..... The solution: going long sleeve. Can't say that I love this option, but it seems to be the only thing that works and I certainly don't want to look like this:

On other news: My parents plus brother arrived safe and sound. This morning they took off for their road trip along the east coast. It has been a fun day and a half to have them around here. The dog had a field day with so many people around playing with her. We also finished the kitchen just in time for their arrival. PHEW!

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