Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crowded On The Sidewalk

I bit the bullet and decided to run in the morning and I am glad I did. Firstly, because it was almost too warm at 6am this morning and secondly, because I was wide awake at 5am. So by the time dawn rolled in, I already had my run finished and 4.28 at a 9:33 pace in the books. NICE!

Well, since I knew I am going to start running before dawn, I decided to drive over to the Cleveland YMCA and head out from there, through the residential areas, hitting Augusta Road and then McBee until I reach 2 miles and then turn around. I did some of the route as a warm up for the track workouts at the Greenville High track in preparation of the Myrtle Beach Half. From back then, I knew there are always runners and walkers out and about and I didn't have to worry about a thing.

I started at 5:40am and I didn't see a soul out for the first mile. But from then on there was a constant stream of single runners and groups of all sizes behind me, crossing the street in front of me or coming towards me. Constant chatter and nods and hellos exchanged and once again I was just happy to be out there and being part of such an active community. Especially on Augusta Road, things got a little crowded on the side walk when a group of five was running towards me and a light pole made the side walk even narrower at that point.

But you know what? I rather weave my run around other runners on the side walk than be the lone deer in the hunter's shooting range! As much as I love my Swamp Rabbit Trail for running, it's just useless for running in the dark because there is NO light and I am a chicken like that. So I think the area that I ran in this morning will certainly be a good alternative for running in the dark on my own.

So long! ;-)

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