Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dress Rehearsal For Relay: Day Two

So here we are at the second day of relay running practice. Original plan was to get up early and get the run out of the way before church. Well that didn't happen. I got myself another hour of sleep in instead and did the running once we got back from church.

In the meantime, temps have risen and so I ended up running in the noon heat. Smart, but well... I didn't want to push it out even further to not screw up the relay specific training effect.

Three hours before heading out for my run, I had my usual Sunday morning breakfast at our usual Sunday morning spot. No troubles here.

12:41PM: 4.00 miles in 38:56 minutes (9:43 pace - YAY)

For a change of scenery, I started running from the house today and did our usual 4 mile loop. Way more hills that anything I ran in the last couple of weeks, but well, it's good training. Here is the elevation chart.

The first two miles felt pretty labored for me, but after that it got better. My body certainly hasn't adjusted to the warmer temperatures yet, but I feel like I am slowly getting there. I tried out a new approach to me on this run and power walked up the hills instead of knocking myself out by running up the hills. I think that worked pretty good. My last mile was actually under 9 minutes which is very good for me. This was a good run and in total, I am also very happy, how this relay practice weekend played out.

After the run, I did a very easy spin on the bike for 15 minutes just to shake out the legs. After that some household duties and for the rest of my Sunday, I am just going to relax.... Nice!

So long!

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  1. Hey - nice training! I need to do something like that. Never did for the 1st one and should have!