Friday, April 23, 2010

Midweek Running

I know it's already the end of the week and now I finally come around to post my hump day run. You might excuse my slacking, but with the midweek virus scare, I chose not to switch on my home computer all day Wednesday and then yesterday, I had important Earth Day business to blog about! ;-)

But let's move on to some nice midweek running. The Palmetto200 is close so close and I had a very slim running week last week... Time once again to bring out the big guns! ;-) 6 miles on Monday and I wanted to shoot for 6 to 7 miles on Wednesday again, but slower... Like easy pace slower which should have put me at an average pace of 10:43 to 11:13 minutes per mile. As you can see below, this didn't happen.

I kinda sorta hit that pace in my first four miles... Okay, not really..... My first four miles were between a 10:00 to 10:45 pace. I felt good and I didn't feel like slowing down and then it got dark quickly. So at mile 4, I said skew that and just ran by feel. Oh well.

It was fun running in Cleveland Park and River Falls Park... How can you not enjoy running through this kind of scenery? The park was full of other runners, dog walker, couples... Sitting on the benches, walking around... It's always great to see people enjoy the park. This way it will ensure that the city continues to spend money on this.

A sight that I didn't enjoy was this guy peeing at a tree along the Swamp Rabbit Trail while his buddy smoked pot. In public and daylight.... Like really?


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