Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exchange Workout For Sanity

As you may have noticed, things have been hectic around here with never ending remodeling projects, wedding planning and the impending arrival of my parents plus brother. So far, I kept my cool (which is kinda surprising) and just kept on plucking along... And along with everything else, I was even able to do most of my planned workouts. Well, the tide has turned and now I am in full blast panic mode.

The first taste of panic happened to me on yesterday's run, where I was just stressing out about all things I wanted to get done, once I got back home from my run instead of just using the exercise as a mental break from everything.

My original plan for tonight's workouts was to take my bike to work and do the MTY Tri route for my training ride. I bagged that idea after I rotated around for a couple of hours last night and the thought of having to pack my bike and bike gear in order to go through with this just made me cringe. So I changed plans to do the ride around the house, this way, I would still ride outside, but didn't have to worry about getting anything packed. For the whole day today, I was playing back and forth my workout options along with the things I wanted to get accomplished in the house and then.... STOP!!!! I made myself STOP... There won't be a workout tonight... SOMETHING HAS GOT TO GIVE and the day just has 24 hours and I NEED MY SLEEP.

So tonight, there was no workout, but I got a lot of organizing done... I will go to bed now, so I can get up early tomorrow morning to get my swim in before I have to work all day, meet the caterer for the wedding and then get some more organizing done... Added bonus for today, no water in the house... Thank goodness, I am off on Friday...

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