Monday, April 26, 2010

Walk To The Beach: Stats Week 5


Hmmmmm.... I guess this is how it looks when you skip a whole week of workouts. This is officially my lowest mile week for the "Walk To The Beach" challenge. What can I say... The challenge doesn't end until beginning of July and our team will certainly complete the 1,000 miles required to enter the raffle by the end of this week. Not much left, but can't remember the exact number from the top of my head right now... It was around 20 miles.

Also, I have to say that the team got a little demotivated by the result posting after week 4. We slipped into third place again, but we are at a point where we don't really care. The top two teams both posted extremely high mileage weeks and I just have a hard time to believe that each of these peeps put in ten miles per day each day of that week. I may do them wrong, but I just have a hard time.

Anyways, we are still in the top ten and we are also one of the handful of teams that already reached the next milestone. So far we haven't gotten our swag.

So long!

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