Thursday, April 29, 2010



This morning I had my last swim class for 2010. Now with most of my swim workouts out of the way for the year (if you think I am kidding... I am not!) I might have a chance to shed that chlorine scent, grow some finger nails again and make my scalp a happier scalp. I am still planning on getting in the pool once a week, mostly for continuous swimming, hard efforts etc. Drills can be neglected, there is nobody there anymore to correct them. No, I don't hate swim class.... If Coach Katie would do those year round, I would most likely be in the pool twice a week all year, but she doesn't and so I don't. HAH! ;-)

Anyways, I am very happy about the progress that I made in my swimming in the last four months and it didn't go unnoticed. Even one of the "big" guys that I ended up doing one 500 (he is still faster than I am, but I'm getting closer) today was complimenting me on my progress this season... I also tied for second in a kick-board race with four other guys, so yes... I have plenty of reason to be happy about my swimming...


I leave you with some impressions on how it looked when I  packed everything on my relay check list into an as small as possible space. I will let you judge, if I have been successful.

So... This is all the stuff from the check list above... I hope that's it!

And this is all the stuff in bags.... Okay okay.... I did a little cheating... Terry's bag is huge and still had tons of space, so I sneaked some stuff in there. ;-)

Now it's time to get some good rest in, before we'll grab the relay bull by the horns tomorrow!

As mentioned earlier, I will try to blog from the road, but you'll never know into what kind of technical difficulties we'll run, so I am not going to sweat it, if it doesn't happen.

So you either read from our adventures very soon or Sunday/ Monday night... Either way.... Wish us luck! ;-)

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  1. Cool! Can't wait to hear about Van #1's adventures!