Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I do the tri-sports for fun. It's not my profession, nobody pays me to train, it's just in order for me to lead an healthy lifestyle and do something that I really enjoy. But the truth it, that sometimes I don't enjoy it. Sometimes, I just dread to get out there and do the workout that I was planning on doing.... It doesn't happen a lot of the time, but sometimes it happens... Even more rarely than me blowing off a workout, because I just "didn't feel" it, is blowing off a whole weekend of workouts. But this weekend, this is exactly what I did. Scary right?? Kind of yes and kind of no. I just feel like I needed a weekend of doing NOTHING. No workouts, no house renovation, no wedding planning, no entertainment of guests.... Just a couch, comfort food and "The Hills" marathon... Don't judge me!

Half way through my Sunday, I finally feel back to my normal self again.... Kathrin rebooted so to speak. Swimming, Biking, Running after all? I don't think so... I am just waiting until my husband is getting back from his run and then we'll pack up the doggy and go to Paris Mountain State Park for a little hike. Change of pace and scenery can work wonders.

Only because I didn't do any running of my own doesn't mean the weekend didn't revolve on some level around running and sports... That's how we roll in this household.

Upgrade for the Foam Roller

You all know that I love my foam roller, but sometimes, I feel like I cannot really target those really tight spots the way I wanted to. So while we were browsing through a local running store, I found this puppy here:

There are several products like these out there, but this one is locally produced and we kinda got a deal on it. Anyways, let me tell you that it works.... I am extra sore today.... But in a good way. I feel like I finally got some relieve on my butt pain issue... If this is too much information again... Sorry! ;-)

Last D.N.R. All Stars Team Meeting before the Palmetto200

We also met most of the D.N.R. All Stars team members for the last time before we head out for our second relay experience. I start to get really excited about it, even though I haven't been training all weekend... I feel good about this race and confident that I will have good legs. Of course, those meetings are supposed to get the last bits and pieces of information down, but really, it's just a lot of chatter. But we know now where we are supposed to be Friday morning AND we also got our team t-shirts! YAY!

First pic is the front and second pic is the back. Design as usual by Alex! Thanks!

So long! ;-)

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