Sunday, August 8, 2010

That was good, but time to move on....

Note: The planned post for today, was part III of my 5-year USA anniversary (see here for part I and part II), but I realized yesterday, that some of the pictures I wanted to post are on my work computer and not at home. That means part III has to wait until tomorrow evening.... And you are in for treat, because 2007 is the year Terry and I met. ;-)

I am celebrating my last day of the "7 Days of Laziness" by relaxing in bed while watching TV, reading and yes blogging.

Really, the last week didn't produce anything that would really fit for the blog... It was nothing much going on. No big or small adventures, no crazy workouts. Just taking a break from everything that resemble structured working out (I did my 10 minutes of core, but that was it.) and just indulged in A LOT of food. I am pretty sure I gained a couple several pounds, but I refuse to step on the scale right now.

My training cycle for the Spinx Half starts off tomorrow with a 30 minute run and some weights. That should ease me back into things. I will also try to do all of my runs this week in the morning, since temps are forecast in the higher 90s. Honestly, I expect the run tomorrow to feel really crappy... Just like the food I consumed throughout the week. Still, I don't regret a thing... I think I really needed to take this break and push the reset button.

One more note, because I am a little in a reflection mood right now. Looking through the pictures for my 5-year USA anniversary was hard. I picked out the shots that I liked and that I feel good about and there were so much more that I didn't even want to look at. I am talking about pictures prior to 2008. As hard as it was, it also let me take my little journey to a healthier and fitter me. Does that conflict to me indulgence week... I don't think so... It was just a break, a vacation from my go-go-go training lifestyle and exactly what I needed to reboot.

So long! ;-)

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