Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Old Favorites

Sunday and Monday I revisited two old training "favorites" of mine.

Sunday: 10-miler

I haven't done a 10-miler in several months and I always feel like I accomplished something when my mileage goes double digits.

It was supposed to be an easy run and I was supposed to be on my feet for two hours. Check and check.

You read it all over Runner's World that a lot of runners go too hard on easy days and I was certainly one of them before I started following directions on heart rate zone training. For the life of me, I wanted to avoid doing a run over a 10 minute mile average with the result that no matter which distance I ran, I always ran around a 10 minute mile average. Not much faster and not much slower.

Right now, I try to follow the instructions on each of my runs to the "T". If it says easy than I run/jog easy even if that means that I end up with a 12 minute mile for my run. If it says tempo, then I do tempo. Intervals are intervals etc.

Sure, sometimes I feel like I lost the little speed that I gained earlier this year, but then I have to remind myself to have trust in the plan.... and that everything is going to fall into place eventually... especially if the temps finally decide to take it easier on us! ;-)

Monday: Up and Over Paris Mountain

Yesterday, Terry and I set out to climb up the steep side of Paris Mtn on Altamont Road a.k.a. "Back Of Paris" (if that doesn't give me some hits from Google, then I don't know what will! ;-) on our bikes.

It's a two mile ride to the bottom and then a little over two mile climb up and then rolling down to the other side. Then a lot of rolling hills and some real sucky hills through the neighborhood back to the house. The whole trip isn't even 14 miles and it's over 2,000 feet of climbing. The route is rough on the bikes for sure, but it also is great hill climbing training and a practice in descending, a skill that needs a lot of improvement for me. If I really go through with it and sign up for Assault on Marion/Mtn Mitchell in 2011, then this is going to be my training route... and around and around and around.

What we rode yesterday, was also a major chunk of the Paris Mountain Road Race 20K that the Greenville Track Club puts on every year in December... And right then and there, I decided that I won't ever try running that race. It's rough enough on the bike, but running it? Seriously?
So long!

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  1. Ohh Altamont. Such a friendly road. I do need to get over there for some regular hill training though. I did run the 20k once. That particular section is rough!