Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pain In The Neck and A New Trail Half

Pain In The Neck

I was so concerned about making sure not to ramp up my running mileage too quickly in order to avoid the repeat of the ITB mess of last year... And knock on wood, so far no problems.

And yet... I didn't train yesterday and won't do anything today either. I even skipped my 10 minutes a day core workout because of shooting pain down my neck, shoulder and back.

This is not so unusual, since I seem to get something like this every couple of months (not related to the shoulder hick-up) and normally it's done after a day of rest, a bengay patch and a good night's sleep. Only, this morning I woke up and it hurt even more. Actually, I woke up several times during the night because it hurt.

So once I was at work, I slapped on a heating pad (I have those in my desk drawer for emergencies) and then called my chiropractor and fortunately she was able to squeeze me in at 4.30pm.

When I told my boss that I'll have to leave early for the appointment and that it is my neck again, he suggested that we might have to consider a new spot for me in the office. The problem is that I sit right under one of the A/C vents and the air hits me on my left and all my problems always seem to be on my left.

I feel a little better now after my appointment, but it's not really good. And doc told me, that it's quite possible that I am going to tense up again. In the meantime, I am following my prescribed sequence of ice-off-heat-off-ice-off-heat and biofreeze.

Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with the run that was planned for today. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


A New Trail Half

November 13th, 8.30AM

"The inaugural Camp Croft Half Marathon is the first half marathon of its kind in the upstate of South Carolina and will take place in beautiful Camp Croft State Park. This challenging race will consist almost entirely of single and double track trails. All proceeds from the race will benefit Camp Croft State Park and Friends of Croft, an organization created to bring assistance and awareness to this jewel of Spartanburg County."

Registration is USD 35 before September 1st and USD 45 after that.

Isn't this tempting? Decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. Oooh $35. That alone is all I need haha. Great find!

    As for the neck pain - I could see how it could be the ac - very intuitive and open-minded of your boss to think of that (Most only believe in standard medicine, not alternative). Anyway all that cold air could make that side of your body tense up which I am sure are aware could lead to a subluxation and knotty muscles. Hope it clears up!