Friday, August 27, 2010

1-Year Bloggerversary

Today is my one year bloggerversary.

When I started out last year, I wasn't even sure if I am going to be able and willing to keep this up. And even though I don't think that blogging is a life changing experience for me, it certainly is an outlet that I enjoy having and I am willing to spend some my free time on.

Thanks for reading along and commenting. On to another year!


Last night, I met a couple of friends to run the Paris Mountain trails. Last year, this was a weekly get-together and right now, we trying to find back into a groove doing this on a more regular basis again.

We did a modification of the Paris Mtn 11K trail race course bringing the distance to pretty much exactly six miles.

It was Terry, Alex (relay team member) and Stacy (tri training buddy) as well as two dogs. The boys took off at the front with the doggies and Stacy and I chatted the whole time. We haven't seen each other in a couple of weeks and had to catch up. It was her first trail run ever and it was a lot of fun to show her the trails. After the run, she said that she really enjoyed herself and the change of pace and scenery that trail running brings. Since it started thundering, when we were at the top parking lot, we decided to run back on the road vs the trail. It's pretty much the same distance down, but you are faster on the road and the weather looked like it's going to go crazy any second now. So we actually, "just" did 4 miles on trails and the rest on the road, but we certainly did the most difficult portion of the course on trails.

The weather behaved until we were back at the cars. Perfect timing!

Oh and when I got back, my car looked like this.

Fortunately, the guy that did that left a note with his phone number.

Have a great weekend!


  1. happy bloggiversary! i've found it to be a good outlet, and obviously a great way to meet some new friends. the good thing about it is you don't have to be all anal about posting regularly. if you don't feel like it, you don't have to! :)

    at least the guy left his number instead of just taking off. go southern hospitality! hope he actually answers...

  2. Happy "bloggerversary"! Good job on keeping it going for a year. I know all too well about the commitment it takes. As you may or may not recall I had to let my blog a couple of years ago. There simply wasn't enough hours in the day. So, while on the subject of you blog permit me to share that I usually refer to it as "the strudelcobler" :)

  3. @Flemming: that's funny... looking back at it, i probably should have chosen a different name... too later now i guess!