Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are You Ready For The Blue Ridge?

Yesterday, somebody asked me if I was ready for the Blue Ridge Relay.... Hmmmmm... We'll see.

After a little e-mail chatter break earlier in the summer, the team is in full organization mode - kind of... maybe... We'll find out whenever we have the next team (actually first meeting for BRR2) that is tentatively scheduled for next weekend.

But one important bullet point was crossed off the list by finalizing the t-shirt designs! As usual, kudos go to Alex for doing a great job over and over with our team t-shirts. Slowly but surely, I also get used to this obnoxious color choice that we are not changing since it somehow has become our trademark... If they say so. Anyways, here are the final t-shirt designs for your viewing pleasure!


In more runner 3 (that would be me) specific news: They changed the legs around again* and instead of 14 point something miles in total, I will do 16 point something miles with the added goody that my longest leg with 9 miles is going to be last leg... Yay me! That's going to be FUN!

*happened to me at the Palmetto200 as well

For a little while, I thought about trying to trade my leg with some of my van buddies, but really, the other legs are not that much shorter to be worth the hassle. Besides, the good thing with runner 3 is that the night leg is short and sweet... Just how I like my night legs! ;-)

Note: They did switch their leg descriptions from handdrawn to maps and elevation charts which makes me feel more confident in the accuracy, especially for the elevation changes. My last leg last year was quite a surprise (and not a good one) when I ran it, since it looked nothing like the elevation chart.

Okay, let's have a look at what is going to be in store for me this time around.

click on the pictures to enlarge

Well, at least I don't seem to have crazy* elevation gains. That's good!

*it's all relative at the BRR... There is going to be a good bit of up and down and from the look of it, the only beast I will have to conquer is mile 2 in my first leg... Git'r'done!

On the training front, things are getting back into swing after my no workout policy of last week. The temperatures and the humidity makes for rough runs these days. Low in speed and high in heart rate. Other than that... Trucking along!

So long! ;-)

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