Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little Picture Filler Post OR

addition to AOC race report!

Sooo..... It's Sunday afternoon and all the chores are completed for today.... pretty much anyways. Got my long run out of the way early already so now it's time to kick back and hmmmm I guess write a race report?

The 7K yesterday was good. No stellar performance, but solid and no blood this time! ;-) My time was 50 minutes flat and I ended up 172 out of 140 overall. I take it and yes, I am working on the race report, but that probably is going to be another couple of days depending on how fast they are going to post the pictures that were taken all along the race course.

Speaking of pictures.... Since I don't have any content otherwise, let's look at some pictures from the Assault on Cherokee shall we? ;-)

warming up at the swim start

getting out of the water

just after exiting T1, glasses in my mouth instead of on my face still at this point

about to cross the finish line

at the awards

and here, I am just looking silly ;-)

So long! ;-)

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