Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oooops... Five Years Already! Part II

Note: This is the second part of my 5 years in the USA recap. The first part is here.

So what happened in 2006?

That January, we had several co-workers coming over from Germany and of course we had to road tip a little. While on the road, we made sure to grab a picture with the North Carolina and South Carolina welcome sign.

We also had to say good bye to a couple of interns and expatriates rotating back to Germany and what better gift than a group shot!! And of course a last visit to the "Blind Horse Saloon" was a must!

In June, I traveled to NYC for a business trip. My first time in the City!

In the fall of 2006 a friend of mine from Germany and I did a three weeks tour around the USA. We made stops in Washington D.C., NYC and Las Vegas. From there we drove with a rental to San Francisco and Los Angeles. It's almost impossible to cramp more into a three week period, but we had a BLAST!

For Christmas and New Year my parents came over to visit me. We did some traveling around SC/NC and then a road trip along the coast down to Florida.


And of course, this is just a glimpse of that year. ;-)

So long!

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