Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Addition to Paris Mtn 7K Race Report

So, there have been tidbits of wrong information on yesterday's race report and one of my FB friends straightened me out and there was also a good discussion about oblivious people. ;-)

Here you go:

I am slacking a little in the blogging department, but hopefully, I will be able to share some training related items in the next couple of days.

So long! ;-)


  1. LOL. Good thing they straightened you out. Too bad about losing the Xterra association though-wonder what's up with that...

    Also I "followed" you over a week ago but your posts just now all showed up in my google reader, hence my absence and now sudden rush of comments. Not sure what google's holdup was...

    The half on 10/9 is the iRecycle in Spartanburg. $40 by 10/6 at The race website is
    I wanted to do spinx as well, but decided that probably wasn't a good idea with an ultra the following weekend. I'll probly spectate though at the very least.

  2. @lindsay,

    We didn't loose the xterra association, we dropped it. We had to pay them, they took all the sponsor money and we did the work. In return for wich we got, uhm, nothing.