Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits: Taper ROCKS!

I read a lot about "Taper Madness" and such in blogs and I really don't get it.... sorry! People are just different and for some, dropping a lot of volume leading up to a race makes them antsy... And others... Well, they just enjoy all the extra time that got dropped in their laps. I belong to later type.

Here is why:

  • The workout that I talked about in Sunday's blog post... Didn't happen. I didn't feel it... It was just way too hot! Also, my knees and shins just felt really crappy. Normally, I would have grinded it out anyways since I wouldn't have had the time to catch up... But oh glorious taper: I had a scheduled off day on Monday and so things just got moved around a little.
  • Work outs are getting shorter and less intense. I don't have to exercise two hours a day every day to be happy... I don't have to gut out intervals to smile! Believe me... I enjoyed the easy ride on the trainer last night.
  • Did I mention all the additional time that I have available due to that... I might even try to clean the house! Okay, that's probably taking it too far! ;-)

But taper is also there, to take care of myself and rest up:

  • make sure to get plenty of sleep
  • CLEAN diet ALL week!
  • drink LOTS of water!
  • stretch, stretch and stretch
  • don't pack your stuff at the last moment
One tidbit that is not taper related:

Last night, I fed the dog some watermelon. Well, I never thought she would be into watermelon, but I dropped a piece cutting the melon up and Karma mopped the floor clean, so I'll let her have a couple more pieces... Healthy dog and stuff. What I didn't think of though was, that eating watermelon late at night equals having to go pee during the night. Guess who got up to take her out! I can only blame myself.

I hope everyone has a good week.

So long! ;-)

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