Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can't Beat It!!!

1. Hill repeats go according to plan*? CHECK!

 *4x up the hill and building into zone 5

2. Germany moving on into the half finals? CHECK!

We met at the Bavarian Pretzel Factory and that place was even fuller than the two previous times that I watched games there. We squeezed as many people as possible on our table. The atmosphere was AWESOME... There was a vuvuzela present... NOT so AWESOME. GERMANY WON!!! What a game!

3. Going kayaking with the family? CHECK!

We really enjoyed kayaking at Hilton Head Island, so we decided to rent kayaks over weekend and took them out to Lake Robinson down the road. That lake is BEAUTIFUL and not a lot of traffic going on there, which made for relaxed paddling!

4. Get a recovery ride in? CHECK!

We went out on the Swamp Rabbit for a very easy one hour ride.... I was wearing COTTON! I looked a little like a beach bun! ;-) Not a problem since I almost didn't break a sweat! ;-)

What a great day.... Time to warp things up and get some rest... Tomorrow there will be more activity! Of course!

So long! ;-)

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