Sunday, July 25, 2010


Triathlon is challenge, that's why we do this right? We are not happy with just swimming, biking or running, we have to put it all together in one event. That's the beauty of it, right?

Right! But sometimes, things just get a little rougher as usual and then you just have to watch out that your mental toughness (what?) isn't going down the deep in.


In the last week, I had the opportunity to do a training triathlon twice. Last week at the AOC course preview (even though that wasn't in the correct sequence) and yesterday at Lake Rabon in Laurens. Sure, the current heat wave doesn't help, but it feels like I am moving from "running is my weak suit" to "two out of the three sports is going to suck at any given day".

Last week it was the run (of course) and the bike less than stellar due to that hip/butt issue, but the swim felt really good.

Yesterday we started off with the swim and it sucked. The water was warm like a hot tub and I got stuck into the fast people group that started last. Well, only that yesterday I wasn't one of the fast people. I just didn't get into a rhythm and was constantly out of breath. What the heck?? So I fell off the back and at one point just cut across the lake to join the group again... There was just no sense in trying to do the whole thing yesterday.

The bike was great! The course was great! I finally seem to have my bike legs back or at least I had them yesterday. There was some general soreness going on and starting at mile 20, I had to stand up a couple of times to stretch out the legs, but other than that it was a great ride. I averaged 17.7 mph over a 29 mile course. That made me a very happy camper.

And then the run. Oh this crappy run. Funny enough, my training runs are going great. No complaints. I do what I am supposed to do at the paces I am supposed to do it and I hit it. But after riding the bike for close to 30 miles, I just don't seem to have the endurance to have a good run. At least I don't have it now. Of course it didn't help that by the time we started running, it had gotten hot, hot and hot and the run course had several stretches with only little shade.

The heck with it! Taper starts TODAY ("only" a 1h bike ride and a 20 minute run and OFF tomorrow!) and I am trying to schedule a massage for early next week to get rid of this tightness that I have in my legs for the last couple of weeks. I should have gotten a massage much earlier.

I hope with all of this, I will have the spring back in my step by next Sunday...

So long! ;-)

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