Thursday, July 15, 2010

MONSTER Weekend Ahead!

Sometimes, I feel people blogger completely overuse the word "epic"... It's seems to be, how the cool kids talk. Instead of referring to my weekend ahead as "epic" training, I prefer the word MONSTER... because I'm a 'lil scared! ;-)

Over the last couple of weeks, my training was good. Not only did I manage to get most of my workouts in, but also was able to hit the goals for most of them. This weekend is basically going to be my last high volume training weekend before the Assault On Cherokee (AOC) International Tri. It's a MONSTER! Currently my plan is to race the Sprint Tri in Irmo on Saturday morning, then get at least another two hours on the bike in while I am in the area (I looked at a couple of routes close to Newberry). On Sunday morning I will once again make the trek up to Kings Mtn State Park and participate in the second pre-view of the AOC bike course. Fortunately, I will have some company since a swimming buddy of mine is coming along for the trip. She also plans on doing this event! It's always good to see a friendly face on race day.

This time, I will also pack my swim gear to do my first open water swim EVER and after that, if anything at all is left in the tank, I will attempt to run the course too... Hopefully this time the entire course and not the abbreviated version I did last week.

So all week, I am watching to fuel properly and hydrate well  in general, but I will have to take extra care Saturday and Sunday.

So far this week has been high volume in running and I feel it in every bone and muscle from my waist downwards. I foamroll like a nut, but the tightness just doesn't seem to go anywhere. Just to give you a brief idea what I have been doing: Sunday 2hrs, Tuesday 1h30m and yesterday 1h. My current training plan prescribes duration and not mileage, but either way... This is a lot of running for me.

Fortunately, I had a chiropractor appointment after work today... Things definitely feel looser now. Originally, I also planned a swim, but the pool was packed, so the swim is postponed to tomorrow morning.

Now I have to pack my stuff for the race since I will leave for Columbia right after work tomorrow and stay at a friend's house. I have scheduled another restaurant review post to publish tomorrow, but after that, we'll see when I make it back to posting.... Maybe Sunday afternoon, while lying in bed in compression socks and covered in ice packs! ;-)


  1. Wow - that deos qualify as a Monster!! Best of luck this weekend!!