Friday, July 2, 2010

A Nutty Swap

I am not know for a very clean diet. But things have been looking a little better lately and I made an effort on making good choices more than once a day and also cook a little more often. The last couple of weeks have been fairly successful in this department... there were a couple of slips, but at least the overall picture is going into the right direction.

Aside from everything that I mentioned above, the biggest change in my diet was swapping cow milk with almond milk.

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I never considered myself lactose intolerant, but with my history of IBS spurs, I previously tried to ween myself off the cow's milk. I tried soy milk instead and found out the hard way that cow's milk might not sit well in my stomach, but soy milk basically just runs right through me. In general, I am not fond of any processed soy products, but can digest edamame without a problem... Go figure! After the soy milk desaster, I returned to the cow milk for the next couple of years, without major issues.

But lately (maybe the last six months), I noticed a queasy stomach sometimes after having my morning cereal that would vanish after an hour or two. Nothing major, just feeling uncomfortable. And since Terry complains about having trouble stomaching milk as long as I know him, I thought it was time to try out something new and bought our first almond milk and seriously, I haven't look back. From a texture standpoint, I actually don't think it's very different from skim milk. The taste is of course different, but still good and I actually enjoy it with my cereal or in smoothies*. I haven't had any of the quesiness going on since I switched to almond milk** and that alone is reason enough for my to stick to it. Thumbs up all the way!

*I also started to put spinach in my smoothies and it's true what everyone say... You can't taste it and you get so many vitams and minerals into your body with this addition... Totally worth it!
**First we tried vanilla flavored, but both didn't like it too much. Then we switched over to the original and liked it so much better. Yesterday, I finally found the original flavor unsweetened and tried it this morning with my cereal and I think that's the way to go!

Have you made any nutritional changes lately and if yes, what did you do??

So long! ;-)

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