Monday, July 5, 2010

I Need A Long Weekend! ;-)

Yes, I am completely aware that I am just at the tail end of a long weekend.... But boy, it was quite action filled. I already told you all about Saturday.

Sunday was a little more relaxed. A fairly short trainer ride in the morning before church. Then after church we took right off on another kayaking adventure on Lake Robinson. After uploading the GPS information from our trip on Saturday and looking at it in Google Earth and seeing how far we already got, we thought it wasn't completely unreasonable to try to cross the lake... In two hours... Because we had a little time constraint due to a planned BBQ that night. The day before we were on there for two hours as well, but we did several breaks, this time we were moving! We still didn't quite make it through but close enough.

But when we encountered a water snake on our back, we of course made a little photo stop! ;-)

Don't worry, it looks much bigger on the picture than it actually was... I just cropped it, so you can see it better! ;-)

It was so much FUN once again, but I faded bad the last 20 or so minutes. We really have to start searching Craig's List!


Moving on to today.

The "only" thing planned for today was a 4ish hour ride. A friend joined me for the tour and we planned on riding from Furman University to Saluda.... Around 60 miles.... That would be without a couple of detours and stuff, because we got a little lost in the beginning. Oh well... What doesn't kill us....! ;-)

Here is the elevation profile to give you an idea:

I ended up with the longest ride for me ever, time wise (4h 55 mins) and distance-wise (68.56 miles) with the most feet of climbing (9,911)... I felt fine up to mile 55 and then things got a little ugly. My neck was bothering me a lot and being sore from kayaking the day before sure didn't help matters. But I stuck it out (really, what choice did I have) and made my way home.

Walked in the house and sat down on the dining room table... After two plates of yesterday's leftovers, I somewhat felt human again.... But since getting back I just laid around being lazy and trying to recover. So glad that I don't have another workout schedule until tomorrow evening. I will have a very early night today... No surprise here hmmmm? ;-)

So long!

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