Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trail News

This morning, I did my long run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail as usual. You might roll your eyes now and think, what the heck is she going to tell us now... We know that the trail is open now alright!

Well, things are still changing/ improving as more and more people use the trail. Just two weeks ago, I shared with you that Williams Hardware in Travelers Rest opened up their bathrooms to trail user and you can fill up your bottle. Isn't that a good to know piece of news?

So today, I discovered another opportunity to get some water etc on the trail. It's called AlleyKat's Watererin Hole and it's on the piece of trail between Watkins Bridge Road and Sulphur Springs Road.

It's says on the "menu" that the proceeds are going to the "Shriner's Hospital".... No clue about the "store hours", but certainly something to keep in mind for future trail trips.

The other piece of trail news is unfortunately not that new anymore... The intersection where the trail crosses Bramlett Ave is currently closed due to some safety concerns about the railway crossing. In order to avoid this intersection, please watch this video from describing a detour for this area. Please use the detour, because you can be cited for trespassing!!

That's all I got for today!

To round things off: I had a good long run today. Nothing crazy, but good. Was able to squeeze out a 9:30 minute/mile effort at around the 2 hour mark of the run. SWEET!

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!

So long! ;-)

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