Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ready To Be Done With This!

It is fascinating to me, how people train for Half Ironman and Ironman races or really marathons for that matter. I am working towards an olympic distance triathlon and now at the end of the training cycle, I am just ready to be done with this.

I am officially at a point, where I start to dislike the swim-bike-run. I am pretty sure that this is just temporary mood, since I remember feeling the exact same way during the last weeks leading up to the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (that never happened).

And of course, I already have the next "big" event in my calendar which will be the Spinx Runfest Half here in Greenville. The training plan ist already imported in my log. After "Assault On Cherokee", I will take a week off anything resembling structured training and probably won't do anything at all. Not because I think it's going to take so much out of me that I need to recover for a full week, but really do give me a mental break.... To make sure I don't lose the joy for the sport in the process.

I am looking forward to having a little more time for non exercise related activties and other forms of exercises that I haven't been doing for the past couple of months because a day has just 24 hours. I also expect that things are going to get a little more stressful at work with planning ramping up.... So everything seems to fall into place, at least from what I know today and we all know, things are constantly changing.

But since the race is not over yet, I have one more big day ahead of me... Which really isn't that big anymore compared to what I did last weekend. So on Saturday, I will join a training triathlon (1 mile open water, 29 mile bike and 3 mile run) and I can't wait - not! ;-)

So long! ;-)

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