Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So Close And So Good!

I am no gourmet by all means, but I like food.... And I am not a big cook and mostly also under a little bit of time constraint... Call me a whiner... Whatever.

Anyways, since I like to share and mostly my opinions, I thought about introducting a new category on this channel about our restaurant experiences.... The good, the bad, the ugly.

Let's hit it off* with something good... really good actually: Taicoon Ricefire and Sushi Bar

*Well, to be exact, I was writing something resembling a reveiw about the Bavarian Pretzel Factory a couple of weeks ago, so this is technically already my second post in this category.

Thaicoon Restaurant Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

On Friday nights, Terry and I normally go out for dinner. Last Friday, I was craving sushi, but Terry is not a big fan, so going to Taicoon was the obviously choice since they offer Thai food and sushi and it's around the corner from the house, so it's also super convenient for us.

We split three pieces of spicy tuna and three pieces of spicy salmon as an appetizer:

I also had the Tom Kha Gai soup... I have this soup every time I go there, it's so good!

Terry had the Chickeen Stir Fry... His go to comfort food in this place.

And I got my sushi on with the Super Crunch (my new favourite) and the Rainbow Roll.

The food was yummie,  the portion size was just right and the service nice as always. I also like the interior design of the place, with the lighting and separate booths.

No complaints... Would recommend it anytime.

Just one quick reminder for the fans of adult beverages. They are outside the city limit and therefore don't serve alcohol on Sunday!

So long! ;-)

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