Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally! It's Friday!

How can a four day work week feel sooooo long?

First things first: Germany lost against Spain in the half final! Sad, so sad! Somebody has to get a hold of this octopus and fry it! But at least he foretold that we are going to win tomorrow. If he continues to be right, we can rethink the frying plans. Once again, we'll huddle around a tv screen and cheer for our team... That was quite a summer sporting event... A lot of FUN! With the World Cup almost over, I may finally be able to focus a little more on the Tour de France! ;-)

After my 5 hour-ish ride* on Monday, recovery took me a little longer than I thought. I guess, I didn't expect the ride to take so much out of me. Well anyways, Tuesday was pretty much a blur. I had the glassy eyes going on and just felt completely exhausted. When I got home, Terry said that he thinks I am running a slight fever, so rest it was for that day.

*I forgot to mention another first on Monday's post and that would be that I crossed a state line for the first time on the bike! ;-)

Other than this additional unplanned rest day on Tuesday, things go pretty good these days when it comes to my workouts. Actually last week, I was able to complete ALL of my planned workouts and it looks pretty good for this week as well.... Of course there is always some moving around of workouts involved, but who cares.

With my first international distance triathlon approaching fast, I still have to tie up some loose ends. The race organizers are helping out with that by offering a group ride tomorrow and next Sunday on the race course. So tomorrow morning, I will be heading up to Blacksburg to ride the 28 mile loop around the Kings Mountain State Park and after that, I want to at least run part of the race course as a brick workout. I don't think I did any bricks since the MTY sprint tri back in June, so it's about time. Also a big X on my training schedule is a 2 hour run on Sunday. The last big thing to get in before the race is an open water swim. Looking at the alternatives I currently have, I think I will join GoTri at the open water practice at Paris Mountain State Park next week or the week after. They also offer a group ride after the swim, so that would give me a swim/bike brick.

Here is a map for the bike course from the race website:

And here is the run course:

I'll definitely take my camera with me, so I can hopefully show some pictures afterwards!

Heading out for some sushi now and then take it easy for the rest of the evening..... Tomorrow is going to be another early morning for me.

Happy weekend everyone! ;-)

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