Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Riding!

The weather forecast said it is going to be in the 70s. Heck... Of course I am on my bike. And it seems like my bike legs are slowly but surely returning also... Just like the color green outside. SWEET!

I have no pics of the ride itself, but I tried to get from the house over back roads to Pumpkintown Road based on gut navigation... That didn't quite happen, but I found tons of new roads to ride on and next time, I might just use a cue sheet alright!

This was at the turn around point. As you might already noticed, yes I dropped my chain again. What's up with this? Fairly good cadence and nice average pace.

Done! Cadence improved, pace dropped a little.... I make the head wind responsible for that! ;-)

After running several errands, I also took the doggy for a walk and look what I saw.... Spring, spring, spring!!!

And yes... It's just March.... But that is NOT an excuse for not using sunscreen. First cycle jersey tan line... Fortunately it's not too bad and it doesn't hurt. So I'll make sure that this will be the one and only sunburn of this season.

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