Monday, March 22, 2010

A Lot And Not Much At All

It's already Monday again. I have NO CLUE where the weekend went... I have no idea where my weekdays go either these days.

Looking back, there was nothing big and special, but a lot of smaller things that got accomplished. These days, there are also a lot of gender specific separations going on in our household which sounds horrible, but it's just what it is. Emancipation is great, but not all areas in life need to be emancipated... especially not the kind that involves hard physical labor.... thankyouverymuch.

So while Terry and the kid and temporarily even a nephew worked very hard in and around the house (tiling - this time the kitchen, replacing more windows, fixing base boards, planting huge bushes in the front yard, painting and whatever else), I took care of the more womanly topics like wedding stuff*, laundry and cleaning as far as that makes sense with the current construction projects.

*We have a photographer now! I scored a fierce pair of shoes. I also took care of hair and make-up appointments... Crap... I know that most women plan this day since they are five, but I was just never one of them and a lot of the time I am getting overwhelmed by all the things that have to be taken care of... At least I start seeing the end of the tunnel now.

Between everything that was going on, I see it as an added bonus, that I was able to squeeze in a bike ride on Saturday and my first 10-miler in four weeks on Sunday.

The run was pretty good! I did an out and back run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I took it easy on the way out and then pushed the pace a little coming back. At around mile 7, I took out the max speed alert (set at a 10 minute/ mile) and just ran... The drizzle that came down also helped with the speed, since I just wanted to get done and also had more plans (see above: wedding stuff) for the rest of the day. My last mile was actually my fastest mile. That's always good! ;-) Funny event during the run: I saw the same group of three guys on mountain bikes three times during my run. They took it easy, chatting the time away. Met them once right when I started, than again shortly before my turn around point and the last time maybe a mile before I was done. One of the guys asked me if I am coming back up (Travelers Rest that is) with them again. No Sir... I am done for today, almost anyways. Once I was back at the car, I stretched some. Good stuff... 10 miles in 1 hour 43 minutes...

I got myself another pedometer... At least this one is counting steps properly, but the stride length is not adjusted to running... So the plan right now is to use the Garmin for run mileage and the pedometer for everything else.

I really want to keep up the 10 mile long runs throughout the summer. Last year, I had a lot of stomach trouble on longer distances once it was warmer. Hopefully my muscles have developed and my cardiovascular system improved in the meantime to a point that I won't have so many GI issues. I guess I have to wait and see how things play out once the temps rise and I try to maintain this distance.

Update on "100 Miles Of Nowhere"

I registered today and what about you?

So far it doesn't look like there will be a race going on in Cleveland Park or in our basement, but that can change any second, if YOU (yes you!) decide to join in. But if you are not living in the area, or the date doesn't go with your plans or you prefer to do this alone then don't wait too long to register since participants will be capped at 500.

Here is the link for Fatty's post with the links for registration and also some more information about the contents of the schwag bag.

Also, I wanted to corrected a previous statement of mine: All of the proceeds (your $95 entry fee) are still going to Team Fatty's LiveStrong Challenge, but (and here is the correction) it's not tax deductible! Sorry for that!

So long!

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