Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits Vol. 4

  1. I blew off my swim this morning. On the one hand I feel really bad about it, on the other hand I still believe that I couldn't have gotten up at 5am this morning and that the extra hour of sleep saved my life. Well maybe didn't safe my life, but... it was important!
  2. On Sunday I had my usual phone talk with my mom and she starts sounding nervous about the trip over here. I am so glad that my brother is tagging along, so they don't have to worry about a thing!
  3. Our first mission, once my mother is here, is to find her an outfit for the wedding. Yes, they actually do sell clothing in Germany as well, but so far she hasn't found the right thing... Which is code for: "I really want you to go shopping with me, Dad is useless when it comes to stuff like that!" That's the least I can do for getting married in a far away country! ;-)
  4. In case you are still thinking about signing up for the 100 Miles Of Nowhere... It's too late... Registrations is closed! If you already signed up for it and want some company and you are in the SC Upstate area, pls comment on this post and maybe we can keep each other company while riding the bike on the road or the trainer for 100 miles.
  5. Did my first hill repeats in weeks if not months. That was one long hill, but I got faster as I went and I clocked a total of six miles... During the week... On the road, not on the track or the campus.... I love daylight saving time! Are you already tired of me saying that???? ;-)

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