Thursday, March 18, 2010

100 Miles Of Nowhere - Who's In?

Okay, where do I start?

There is this self-proclaimed bicycle celebrity blogger who calls himself "FatCyclist" and who is out to fight cancer by raising funds for the LiveStrong Challenge. To motivate people to donate some of their hard earned money in economically challenging times, he gets very creative and raffles all kinds of goodies off and he is about to organize a "race" called "100 Miles Of Nowhere".

100 Miles Of Nowhere
(click here for Fatty's explanation of rules and timeline)

What: Ride 100 miles on your bike (road bike, mountain bike, Dutch bike etc) without moving or without moving far away from your starting point... So either on your rollers/ trainer or a small loop preferably close to your house.

When: May 8th 2010

Why: Raise funds for cancer research.

Registration: Will take place between March 22nd and March 28th 2010 and the registration fee is USD 95. You think it is crazy to spend this kind of money for a "virtual" race with no chance of awards? THINK AGAIN! It's a 95 bucks tax deductible donation to fight cancer and you will get some nice stuff like this t-shirt and other goodies that haven't been determined yet. (I will update this information as soon as Fatty is posting more about this!)

WHERE: Okay and now we come to the part, why I am writing this big old post about the 100 Miles Of Nowhere instead of just linking the page and be done. I would really like to participate in this event, but I would really like to have company doing it. So my proposal is that we get a group of cyclist together and get 100 miles in our training logs while enjoying each others company. I have three suggestions for possible locations:

If the weather is pretty, I suggest that we meet at Cleveland Park at the shelters near Greenville Zoo and do this (2.199 miles, 45.5 loops to complete the 100) or a similar loop around the park.

If the weather is crappy, I'll push the couch downstairs to the side and we should be able to accommodate up to eight bikes on trainers/rollers there. Music and/or TV entertainment would be included in the set-up, as well as a bathroom! ;-)

If the weather is nice, but the majority of the group wants to do the ride on the trainer/ roller (maybe because of the amenities mentioned above) , then we can meet up at the house and set the trainers up on the driveway... There are tons of trees, so don't worry about frying in the sun.

So please contact me if you want to join the group, so I can keep a headcount! Registration is on you, as well as bringing along a trainer if we go for that option. I will have basic provision at the house (water, Gatorade, fruit, prezels etc) if the event will take place here.

I will add information as I get it or once I remember all the points that I have forgotten to mention so far.

Please consider participating to fight cancer. If you haven't faced this disease yourself, you most likely have family members or friends that fight this battle right now or fought it in the past.

THANKS! And so long!

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